Using Solar Calculator For Getting New Leads On Website

By Sayali Pawar

The residential solar market has become highly competitive these days. How do you stand out from your competitors?

A sure fire way to get your customer’s attention is to educate them about the benefits, technicalities and costs involved in solar PV solutions.

If you are targeting home owners, you need to understand the most common questions that an average home owner would have –

  • How big solar installation do I need?
  • How much is it going to cost me?
  • What would be the monthly savings on my utility bills?
  • Is the power supply going to be reliable or do I need batteries?

These are some of the common questions that any home owner would have, when considering rooftop solar installation. If you can answer these on your website, you will be better educate your prospective customer.

When you help your customers with practical answers to these questions, you are going to gain their trust.

Using a solar calculator

Before any home owners decide to install a solar PV system, they are going to need answers to all the questions listed above. Then depending on how much the system is going to cost and how much they are going to save on the utility bills, they will decide the size (in kW) of solar installation.

So you would need to spend some time in consulting every prospective customer and that can put a strain on your time bandwidth. The more time you spend in consulting, the less number of prospects you can approach.

OR you can just automate the consultation part by giving your prospect an interactive solar calculator to play with.

If this interactive calculator can answer basic questions like – system size based on number (and rating) of electrical appliances, system cost, utility bill savings etc, then your customers can figure out these things by themselves. They can come to you for other important questions like – financing, system lifespan, maintenance, guarantees etc.

In other words, a solar calculator will also help you to screen you prospects. The curious prospects will simply play with the interactive calculator and the ones that come to you will already be warmed up leads.

An interactive solar calculator for your website help improve your sales

This will not only make your sales process incredibly efficient and productive. It will also help you get some credibility even before you start speaking with the customers.

A solar calculator for your website

Our solar CRM offers you a solar calculator feature. You can customize this solar calculator by putting your logo, branding information and even your own equations to calculate system size, costs, savings, etc based on the number of different appliances in someone’s home (and their W rating).

After you customize this calculator to reflect your company branding, put it on your website. Redirect your online leads to this calculator. They will use this calculator to understand how big an installation they need, how much it’s going to cost and how much they are going to save.

Because it’s an interactive calculator, they can decide which appliances to be connected to solar system, depending on they estimated costs. They will basically help themselves to decide how many kWp they want to install for.

After finalizing the kW capacity, they can just submit their contact information. Solar CRM will automatically prepare and email them a preliminary proposal.

You will also get an alert so that you can directly speak with the prospect. Then you can send them a more detailed proposal after your discussion, based on their exact needs.

Proposal Format

This interactive solar calculator is fully integrated with solar CRM platform. When your website visitors go to the calculator and request for a proposal, their details will be immediately updated on your CRM dashboard.

At first, they will get a preliminary proposal that is automatically generated. Later on you can also send them a detailed proposal after discussing their exact needs.

You can customize the templates for both types of proposals by going to the Google Drive folder connected to your CRM. Then to the ‘Proposal Templates’ folder.

In this folder you can create multiple proposal templates using simple Google Documents. That gives you complete flexibility to user your branding information in the proposal. You can also make your proposals more informative and better looking that your competitors.

To try how this solar calculator will work for your website, sign up on our CRM platform and get in touch with our team.