Create New Lead From Solar CRM dashboard

All new leads can be easily listed and visible on the central sales tracking dashboard. The Solar CRM admin will have access to this listed leads. This admin user can easily create, edit and manage leads directly from the central dashboard.

Other members of the sales team can see the leads which have been added by them or assigned to them.

A new lead can easily be created via the ‘Create New Lead’ button at the top of the CRM dashboard.

In the new lead form, enter basic contact details, address, status and next action to be taken for the new lead. You can even schedule when this next action should be taken. Solar CRM will send you an email reminder as per the schedule you set.

Finally, click on ‘Save’ to save the lead details.

Any leads created directly from the dashboard will be directly assigned to the user who creates that lead. Any further changes can be done by an admin user.

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